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Natural relief for allergy and cold symptoms

Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine that has been used for thousands of years to treat everything from life threatening illnesses to the common cold.  While many people used to modern medicine may find it suspicious, it is still one of the most used types of medical treatment worldwide and is steadily gaining popularity in the western world. Homeopathic medicine is based on three basic principles.  The biggest principle of homeopathy is that like treats like.  Instead of treating based on the disease doctors think you have, treatment is done based on the symptoms you know you have.  The...

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Self-Help Tips for Overworked Moms

Moms are notorious for spending all their energy and attention on the care of others. Add a full or part time job into the equation and it’s easy to get completely exhausted. Yet when you neglect yourself, you’re unable to give your all to others. You lose energy, motivation, and enthusiasm. Self help is important for your physical and mental well-being. Self Help Tips You Can Use Today #1 Change your shower routine. This may take a bit of getting used to. Instead of taking a shower in the morning, take a hot bath at night. You’ll gain a few...

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