Giddy – 
To feel dizzy with excitement, elated, ridiculously joyous

Earth – 
The planet on which we currently live. The world that we are responsible for. Home.

We sell everyday products that do not harm ourselves, our families, our pets, or our environment.


  • Why Giddy Earth?
    Kelly Casey’s whole life has been built on pushing through difficult situations, so it’s not at all a surprise that her cleaning agents of choice act as tough as she does. A wizard at being a single mother and navigating her children successfully through life, Kelly finally could take time for herself, and headed straight to college.

    Armed with a Master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in sustainability, and time to finally take care of herself, Kelly began taking control of her health and began to look for alternative medical therapies and how to reduce the toxicity in her body and the environment.

    Now a proud retailer of Giddy Earth Products, sourced products for every day life that will help you to clean your house and your kids toxic free, take vitamins, supplements and homeopathic remedies for stronger body and mind, clean your face and then enhance it without harmful chemicals or cruelty to animals, she is ready to get her loved ones, and you, on board.

    With the same stamina and grit that pushed her through her early years, Kelly brings years of giddy enthusiasm to helping improve others lives. Won’t you join her?